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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Love/Hate Relationship with Stephen Colbert

When the Colbert Report first started airing on Comedy Central, I was an avid follower. It was witty, fun and cracked me up left and right. I developed a faux crush on this nerdy sexy man named Stephen Colbert.

Then I watched him on the White House Correspondence Dinner. And my opinion changed. It became apparent that left without his writers and small studio, he was not as clever and funny. The sparkle had left the man. So, I gave up on the Colbert Report.

I have gone back and forth watching the show and not watching because I realized that he is an actor and I can't fault him for being a good one. But sometimes the show just gets old and I need something fresh to move on to.

I saw a commercial for his best of DVD the other day and immediately reprogrammed the show into my DVR. I'm in love again...

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