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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Nose Knows

If you're already a mom, you may have experienced this. If you've never been pregnant before, I believe this is a little known fact.

When women are pregnant, they can experience quite the variety of odd things with their changing body. One of the craziest ones for me was that when I was pregnant with A, I had a heightened sense of smell. I checked the baby books, and sure enough, that was a side effect of pregnancy. Don't ask me why, and I'm not going to look it up because this isn't a science lesson.

So, after A was born, the smell thing left. But when I was pregnant with L, it came back even stronger! And the weirdest thing is that it has yet to go away and L is 15 months old. So, I am blessed/cursed with a schnoz that smells EVERYTHING. Sometimes this is good, like walking around flowers, but other times not so fun.

The story I wanted to relate with this interesting tidbit is quite uncanny and to some perhaps gross. My kids go to daycare twice a week. On a couple of occasions, I will go to pick them up and I walk into the "baby house" and am hit by the smell of MY SON'S poopy diaper. I've been in there before and it smells, but then there's the familiar smell of my own kid's present. So, I'll check the form that tells about his diaper changes and sure enough, he'll have had a poopy diaper less than half an hour earlier!

Is this bizarre to anyone else? I feel like an animal that can detect my own offspring's unique scent. Also, similarly, when he is running a temp, his pee smells different to me.

Okay, I'm sure I've just successfully managed to gross out quite a few of you, but this phenomenon interests me quite a bit and I'd be curious to know if any of you mom's have experienced this and if any of you eventual moms knew that this could happen!

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