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Monday, May 17, 2010

Why I'm Feeling Arthritic

So we currently live in an old farmhouse.  I think I've mentioned this and that our plan is to eventually tear it down and put up one of those manufactured houses (not the trailers).  Anyway, we love our location out in the country, but I hate this house and all the wood paneling it holds within.

Lately I've been so frustrated that the kids share our room and there are no doors, so the dogs wander in and out, it feels dirty, etc.  And I'm a freak about having dirty sheets!  Well, we have never really used the upstairs for anything but storage because there's not bathroom up there.  However, upstairs there's actual drywall, doors, closets, etc.  One room we already recently made into a "smoke lounge" for my husband since he doesn't smoke in the house.  Well, I decided it was time to move upstairs because I wanted a real bedroom and I wanted the kids to have one as well.

Try moving a king size bed upstairs in a house with a small doorway for the stairwell access.  It was torturous.    Moving all the stuff upstairs has made me feel like an old lady.  My joints are killing me and I'm covered in bruises.  But was it worth it?  OH YEAH!

Now the kids share a room and I have my own room and we all have doors!  Last night was very lonely, though because I go to sleep before Nick and the kids were in their own beds.  I had the whole room to myself and fell asleep watching Fatal Attraction.  But it felt strange.  On the other, I was shocked and amazed that L has been able to sleep upstairs two nights in a row without waking up!  Since about four months of age, he's slept in bed with us.  I thought it would be really hard for him, but apparently having his own bed next to his sister's bed made it all okay.  And he has slept in later than usual as well (of course today A felt the need to wake him up.)

Then, I was proud of myself because today I figured out how to move the dish network wire to the upstairs bedroom.  I didn't want to make more holes in the floor, so I had to figure out how to cut the wire and put a new tip on it.  Anyway, job done!  And no exorbitant fee paid to the dish people! 

Now if I could just get the motivation to move the rest of the stuff upstairs, I will be done and it will feel like a real house... after having lived here for almost 7 years.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seriously, Women??

I'm not a big fan of women... it's more of a generalized thing, cause I know there's quite a many great women out there.  I have a handful of female friends as well (not that I respect them all the time.)  I have just always been a better friend with guys because you don't have to deal with all the drama and the woman issues.

Lately, I've been thinking about this one thing that women do that absolutely drives me INSANE.  Why do women take men back that cheat?  Why?  I mean, do you really think he's not going to do it again?  Clearly he doesn't respect you and clearly you don't respect yourself.  I could handle a great many things in a relationship, but not being cheated on.  If I'm not good enough, so be it, I'd rather be alone or wait for someone who thinks I'm special *gag*.  But it has got to be humiliating to be cheated on, but then when a woman takes the guy back, it's like... are you serious?!  And don't get me started on when the man cheats multiple times.  Case in point, my friend Sharlyne was talking to me about this girl she knows that I've heard about.  I said to her (cause I'm a gossiping old biddy) "did you hear so and so cheats on so and so all the time?"  her response was, "oh yeah, everyone knows."  (don't judge my spelling, capitalization or grammar cause it's a blog yo!)  So I say to Sharlyne, "but they aren't married and they don't have kids, so why not break it off?  Is [said female] really that desperate?  Is her self esteem that low?"  And Sharky says to me, "actually they're trying to have a baby."

My jaw drops.
I shake my head.
Bile rises up in my throat.

We immediately end the discussion.  Cause seriously, I no longer blame the dude... she lets him do it and he's with an idiot, so what does she expect?

I know I am coming across harshly, but women, grow some backbones here!  No, I'm not a feminazi in the slightest, you won't catch me on a corner burning my bra and manbashing.  I just don't get it.  There is no way that these women can't find another man somewhere down the road.  And why do they need a man anyway?  How about taking the time to gain some self esteem and realize that we are all special and deserve to be respected.

And that is your lesson for the day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is a bad daycare?

My kids started going to "Hobbit Hole Daycare" (alias) in July of 2008.  My son was 6 months and my daughter was 2 years 7 months.  In the time that we've been there I've complained a great deal, but finally did some researching and found a daycare that sounds great!  Today was the kids' last day at Hobbit Hole.  I did not register them for the fall (50 bucks to hold a spot), and did not tell them we found a new daycare because I did not want there to be hard feelings.  Well, none of the people there said goodbye to my kids today and I was given a bill for the whole month of May when they will have only been there 2 days.

Here are some reasons I did not like said daycare:

1) Most of the employees don't seem to like kids.  They get paid minimum wage and are not treated the best, nor do they treat the kids the best.  I know I can't stand being around my own kids 24/7, let alone someone else's, but why not hire people to work at a daycare that actually LIKE kids?

2)  My son has cried every single day I dropped him off except maybe 3 days- out of 2 years!!!  I LOVE the last teacher he had, but she was moved to a different class recently.  In the time my son has been in the toddler room, he's had about 6 different teachers!  I liked one.

3) My daughter was terrified of naptime because apparently some of the workers were covering the kids' heads with blankets and not letting them be uncovered.

4) My son was constantly being bitten by some nameless child.

5) Everytime I pick my kids up, they are head to toe covered in dirt.

6) A couple weeks ago I showed up and my son had a black eye and no one knew it wasn't there when I dropped him off.

7)  I have picked my son up twice and instantly smelled he had pooped and when I changed him it was totally dry and caked to his tush.

8) All the employees are on a different page and don't seem to communicate well.  My son is lactose intolerant and I don't know how many times I'd see them giving him milk and when I'd point it out, they'd say no one told them.

Okay, that's enough examples.  They were clearly more interested in making money than pleasing parents or having happy kids.  Oh, and I forgot to mention you are expected to pay a month in advance.  I don't believe in paying for services I haven't received and if my kid is sick, I still have to pay (which I know most daycares do.)  Although I appreciated that they let me pay at the end of the month.

So this new place I found sounds fantastic!  I toured twice, each time with one of the kids and my husband came the second time.  Their 2 year olds group looked like they were having a great time and they get to watch NickJr before naptime and in the afternoon- just like at my house!  They had recliners because the workers were actually allowed to hold the kids.  They had potty trained almost all the kids.

My kids start at the new daycare Tuesday.  I'm really excited to know how they like it and guess what- they charge hourly and you pay at the end of the month for the exact hours you used.  I will keep you posted on how it goes, but so far they seem great!  My daughter will be in afternoon preschool in the fall, but I always worry about poor L, because he's such a mama's boy!