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Monday, January 27, 2014

Karma for Kids

Of course no one ever wishes for anything tragic to befall their children- that would just be psychotic!

However, I am sure we all get tired of our kids arguing, not following directions, our showing signs that they may be the spawn of Satan.  So, come on- admit that secretly when a small amount of (non harmful) karma comes their way, you want to cheer a little inside.

Case in point:  when a child is leaning back in their chair and you ask them not to and they end up falling backwards- that's a bit of karma.  But the case I wanted to share today involves my 8 year old daughter.  As you should all understand, she knows EVERYTHING- at least that's what she thinks.  She is in a phase where she feels the need to argue or dispute anything David or I say.  I am sure it will get worse as she gets older, but in the meantime...  Her dad and his girlfriend have a 5 month old daughter, which would be A's half sister.  They have let her and L carry the baby around since she was first born.  They hold her when they want, apparently they let A get her out of her crib, etc.  Now me, I am a very overprotective parent.  If it were up to me, my parents and I would be the only ones to hold the baby (he's 6 weeks now).   I know that David wouldn't hurt him, but I feel like he's too nervous about something wrong happening and the baby senses fear or stress.  As soon as I hear fussing, I want to hold him. 

I have forced myself to let A hold him from time to time, but she will get up and walk with him or pat his back when he's sleeping or picking him up when he's comfy and being calm.  These are not things that I'm okay with, but her rebuttal is always, "he's my brother, why can't I hold him?"  Every time.  She assumes that because she can hold her sister at her dad's house anytime that it should be the same way with her brother.  I think not.

Now we get to the karma.  According to my kids, their baby sister spits up quite a bit and A says she doesn't really hold her anymore because she "doesn't want to get barfed on."  I haven't really had that problem with my baby unless he gets moved around too much shortly after eating.  Well, this morning I had him lying calmly on the couch (unable to fall) and I came in and she was holding him.  I told her she needed to ask to hold him and she of course said... "why can't I hold him, he's my brother."  So I went about my business.  About 3 minutes later I see her put him back down and go into the bathroom.  I followed her to see what happened and he had puked down her shirt and onto her pants...

KARMA!!  Now hopefully she won't want to hold him as much because she got puked on.  It's a small step for me as a mom, because I know she will never stop arguing... but I takes what I can gets!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


My kids are always surprising me with the things they say... hence, "kids say the darndest things."  Whether it is using a big word correctly or using a slang word that they picked up in school, I am often taken aback by the vocabulary they have- I'm referring to the 8 and 6 year old. 

Well, a couple weeks ago I cause them calling H "Dibs."  They had called him pet names before, but "Dibs" was a new one.  I asked them why they call him "Dibs" and my 8 year old informed me that he throws fits and always gets what he wants, so he has dibs.  They were applying that to how he acts with them, not myself or my husband.  They realize that giving him a toy, letting him watch Yo Gabba Gabba or sharing their food is easier than listening to his tantrums or getting a toy thrown at them.

I was pretty impressed by how astute they were about this.  Now, I'm assuming the 8 year old taught it to the 6 year old, but either way, I found it to be quite cute and clever and I wouldn't mind if they continued to call him this the rest of his life... then when he's 30 he will remember what a pain in the tush he was to his siblings and seeing as how he will be rich and famous, he will make it up to them by buying them each a house.

Or not.