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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Randomness

My mind is a jubblyjoo of things I want to say, but are brief, so I'm throwing them in one blog as a stew. Enjoy and hopefully your brain doesn't explode.

1) So, the UPS guy has come TWO DAYS IN A ROW. I am super stoked about this and think that means good things. Because life is sad when UPS doesn't come around for weeks.

2) I need to thank Annette at Fairy Blog Mother Blog for giving me a "Let's Be Friends" award. How sweet! Apparently (according to my husband) no one wants to be my friend, so it's always nice to prove him wrong, lol. Much love to her!

3) Twitter: I love twitter. If you're not on twitter, you're a dinosaur. And people who give "tips on how to succeed at twitter" annoy me. Guy Kawasaki annoys me. Ashton Kutcher (on twitter) annoys me. Just enjoy it and people will come.

4) Online friends: I'm one of those "friends when I feel like it" kinda people- I know, sad, but true. I do have a handful of friends in real life, but only for the occasional instances when I feel like going out. I've got a few friends that I used to be friends with IRL, and am now reconnecting with online and enjoy that bond. Then there's new online friends who I enjoy. So, it's like they're there when I want cause I only talk to them on the computer, lol. Okay, maybe not the best friend ideals, but I want to give them a shout out! (Nellie, Crystal, Misty, more to follow.)

5) I AM DONE WITH MY UNDERGRAD!!! Thursday I took my final test and I am DONE! I don't officially graduate until May (who knows when they'll mail my diploma), but I have nothing left to do in order to graduate but twiddle my thumbs! I'm so excited, because off and on, I've been in college (3 different ones) for NINE stinkin' years! I've never taken more than a semester off and never taken less than 6 hours when I was enrolled. Hallelujah and way to go, me!

6) I have come to the realization that my favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy. I should have known this awhile ago, but only have since realized it as the truth. I used to say my dad's chili or tacos. Sorry to my dad's chilis and tacos, but you have been bounced from the number one spot!

7) Am I forgetting anything? I don't think so. I have more giveaways coming up, like dvds and what not. Some of the Twilight sponsors would like another go of it and I'm more than happy to oblige! I'm hoping to be inspired by some more original content soon. I have one brewing in my mind, but have to think about how to approach it so as not to draw mass hate mail.

Hope you are enjoying your spring! (Not that it will affect me in any way.) Keep the comments coming and don't forget to check out my sponsors listed to the left because that makes them like me.


  1. I read your blog and I liked it! I love your randomness. Good job on completing school. I really really hope to follow in those foot steps soon. xoxox Sarah AKA CrazyCatLadie

  2. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food too! They are so incredibly delicious!

  3. Sarah- Thank you! And I firmly believe that people can do anything if they put their mind to it.

    Mariah- you have good tastebuds! My husband says you can tell how good a restaurant is by their french fries, but I think it's the mashed potatoes and gravy!