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Monday, April 6, 2009

What is the Deal, World?

It's nothing new, but lately it seems like more and more in the news, people are killing each other and taking away innocent lives.

What is the deal?

Has evolution not completely turned us into humans? Do some people still have that base animal sensibility that renders them incapable of having morals and makes them think that they have the right to take another life?

It scares me. To think that my family could just be walking down the street and someone could start shooting. I understand we're in a recession. I understand life is hard for some people. But what makes one person think that it is okay to take another person's life?

And what about all the people who kill their families or their spouses? Have they not heard of divorce? What's worse, having your family think less of you because you moved off to another state and left your wife and kids alone or for them to not speak to you because you murdered them?

It's senseless and stupid and idiocy annoys me! I can't imagine what these other countries think of us... sitting here, gluttonous, money hungry and indulgent, with nothing better to do than murder each other for no reason.

Okay, rant over. Please resume your normal daily functions.

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