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Monday, February 9, 2009

Finding Joy in the Little Things

You know, I've often asked myself over the last few months: why am I not depressed? Should I be bawling my eyes out on a regular basis? But, I'm not. And it's because I'm a "make lemons outta lemonade" kinda gal. I take pleasure in the little things.

Case in point: today, I was getting kinda stressed because the kids were being uber clingy and I was trying to write a school paper. So, after finishing the paper, I rewarded myself with vacuuming and doing laundry (insert me laughing hysterically here). While I was vacuuming, I thought to myself, "self, this has to be one of the best sounds in the world- the plink plink of the vacuum picking up dirt off the floor." And indeed, it is! How often do you get to experience the SOUND of something being cleaned? I love it!

And there it was, me thinking about how I enjoy the little things in life and that is what gets me through the day and the hard times. I have a positive outlook on life that I wish I could share with the world. But, alas I can't. I can only tell you how I feel and hope that you can find your plink plink sounds as well!

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  1. You share it with us and that's great. I know I should try hard to hear those plinks!