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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bizarre Mommy News!!!: Chimpanzee Edition

Okay, so this isn't technically mommy news, but pets can feel like children, so there is my justification of why this qualifies.

It also isn't completely new of a story, as it happened Monday. The story is about a 14 year old chimp named Travis (pictured) who attacked his owner's friend and almost killed her. The otherwise friendly chimp had been raised by his owner, Sandra Harold, and they were very closely bonded. Travis seemed extremely intelligent and had even appeared in commercials before.

It is a sad story because it just shows that despite all the love that you are giving your pets, some animals are just not meant to be domestic. Their brains don't function as ours do and at some point their instincts kick in and they resort to their primal behaviors.

Travis ended up being shot and killed by police after a stand-off situation. Bad news all around and the victim is still in critical condition.

Check out the full story of Fox News!


  1. I'm a vegetarian, and I LOVE and Adore animals, but why oh why do people think that animals that belong in the wild should be domesticated? I think monkeys are precious, but they don't belong in captivity.... you are so right! This is bizarre and sooo sad!

    This woman was lonely and she was trying to make Travis a substitute for her child (who had tragically died) and her (deceased) husband.

    Tragic story! We have a mauled neighbor woman who may never be the same, and a Dead animal! So sad!
    Thanks for letting me VENT!

  2. Thanks for the comment- I have always thought monkeys were cute, too, but they just don't belong in a house!

    And it is sad that this woman loved Travis dearly, but now she'll have to go through the rest of her life with this tragedy in her mind.