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Monday, April 30, 2018

Get out and ride with Razor Jr!

Getting my kids to play outdoors is extremely important to me, and one of their favorite activities has always been riding their bikes and scooters.  Each kid has their own, with the older two having the classic Razors.  I didn't even know that there was a Razor Jr line- until now!  I was given the opportunity to pick a scooter from the Razor Jr. line gratis for review and I feel like they couldn't have found a better family for it! 

t3 Scooter in green
This year, as soon as the nice weather settled in, I loaded up all our scooters and took the kids to the nearest school with a playground for them to ride on.  I noticed that H (who will be 6 in June) was getting a bit big for his old scooter, but was too short to use one of the older kids' Razors.  Luckily, I received the t3 Scooter in time for our second trip out. It was the perfect size for H!  His last scooter has 4 wheels, but this one has 3, which is great to help him transition until he is big enough for the two wheel classic style.  He loves it and was so proud to show off his new wheels!

With technology becoming such a huge part of life for kids, where it is becoming harder to pry their noses away from a screen, I definitely appreciate anything that will keep my kids entertained outdoors!  Scooters never go out of style and are a great way to safely enjoy the wind in your face and the sun on your back.  And the fact that my oldest (she's 12) enjoys her Razor is a Godsend, as she is the most difficult to get out of the house and she is opposed to riding a bike.  And with how well they are made/sturdy they are, I can continue to hand them down to the younger kids until it's time for the youngest one to move out- then they can all buy their own scooters! :P