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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All the Single Ladies

I think the way people feel about Valentine's Day can be fit into 3 categories:

1) They could care less and it's just another day. 

2) They think it is a wonderful way to celebrate love with somebody special.

3) They are bitter about being alone and therefore refuse to even log onto Facebook because just seeing the words "love" or "Valentine's Day" sends them running for a box of tissues and a bucket of junk food.

I'd like to talk about the third category.  I'll be honest, the major reason I use Facebook is to stalk people.  I'm intrigued by human nature, by sociology, by psychology, by the number of people that dumbfound me on a daily basis.  I do get some good chuckles here and there from funny pics, but mostly I just like to people watch... Facebook style.

Well, I'm FB friends with A LOT of single people.  The majority of whom never say a peep about it, it's just a fact of life.  But then I have a select few who complain about being single quite a bit.  They ponder why no one wants them, they talk about how depressing and lonely life can be when you're a party of one.  And then Valentine's Day comes and they either rant or avoid Facebook the whole day. 

My view on Valentine's Day is this: it's kind of like your birthday, but thankfully you're not turning another year older.  The jist is that your loved ones will be nice to you on this day because it's a special occasion- just like on your birthday.  You get gifts- just like on your birthday.  I was with someone for 10 years that didn't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day.  I was okay with it.  This year I actually had to google whether or not the girl is supposed to buy the guy a gift.  I don't know the rules.  (If you're wondering, etiquette says that she can, but it has to be small potatoes so as not to overshadow his gift.)  And the thought of receiving an expensive gift makes me cringe.  I am not a great gift receiver, because frankly, if I want something, I buy it for myself.  Opening presents in front of people is nerve wracking.  I'd be happy with flowers and not getting yelled at for a day- that's would be my ideal gift.  (Or a puppy.)

Anyway, back to the single ladies.  I like to think that I think like a guy sometimes.  And other times, I will ask guys their opinions... but it seems as though the last thing that is going to attract a guy is complaining about being single on Facebook.  I HAD a friend who is my friend no longer that would talk often on FB about how she was ready to be in love again, ready for a long term relationship... unless you're looking for Captain Desperate, most guys are not willing to come running to your door because you are looking for a husband.  Supposedly, men  like a challenge...

I don't know, I probably sound super condescending and judgmental.  I'm sure the rebuttals I will get (of course not out loud) will be that I wouldn't know because I'm not single on Valentine's Day or that I'm a Capital B who doesn't know what I'm talking about, but come on... it's okay to do a little self reflection- heck, I do it every day!  I know what rejection feels like.  I also know how to smile and pretend it doesn't hurt.  I know what it's like to think someone is going to acknowledge you on Valentine's Day, but then they don't and you find out later they went on a date with someone else.  And that's why you always have a back up plan of your own!!  I also know what it's like to be sad because you realize you have never received flowers at work.  Luckily, some random guy (hi, random guy!) sends you a dozen white roses at work one day because he thinks you seem like a chica who should get flowers at work.

Moral of story: don't be bitter because you're alone on Valentine's Day.  Be bitter because you're letting the world know that you're bitter.  It's just a day.  It's a day where we fatten the purses of all these corporations that are probably run by old men who cheat on their wives and pay for hookers on the side.  I have two kids that prohibit me from going out and doing anything, but I chose to pop those suckers out, so I will acknowledge them today as well!  It's all about sharing love, not about who does or doesn't love you back.

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