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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Rant: Part Two

Resuming from yesterday's post...

But, I have never found myself in a situation where I've been around anyone doing anything harder than marijuana.  Why's that?  I don't associate with those kind of people.  And if I did, you can bet your turkey giblets that I'd be outta there as soon as I saw the slightest hint of shadiness.  I'm no legal beagle, but I'm pretty sure if the cops come to the door and you're in a room full of people doing cocaine, you're gonna get arrested and hauled off to jail along with them.  So yes, if you do hard drugs or hang out with people that do, I am silently judging you.

And my last bit involves children.  Am I the best mom in the world?  Of course not!  I wish I were more nurturing.  I wish that I played more with my kids.  But, I chose to bring my kids into this world.  They didn't choose to be here.  Therefore, I feel a sense of obligation to give them the best lives that I can.  I don't pawn them off every chance I get.  I don't expect anyone else to raise them or provide for them.  I WANTED them.  If I thought for a minute that I couldn't provide a good life for them mentally and emotionally, I wouldn't have had them grow up with me.

So shame on those parents who put their own needs and wants so far ahead of their kids that the children suffer for it.  If you follow the news, every day there are stories of kids dying, being murdered, etc. due to neglect by a parent or caretaker.  If you don't want your kid, give them to someone who does.

It blows my mind that the same parents are out drinking/partying every weekend because you just know someone else is taking care of their kids.  (Usually the grandparents.)  I work during the week and my kids have daycare/school, so isn't the weekend the best time to spend with them?  Children are a responsibility until they are 18.  It must be nice to pick and choose when you are going to be responsible for them.

And shame on the people who enable deadbeat parents.  If you can sit back and watch a child be mistreated or you enable the parents to shirk, their responsibilities, shame on you.  Every child is a precious human being.  As I mentioned, no child asked to be born, so why must we allow them to suffer because "there's nothing we can do?"  There is ALWAYS something that you can do...

Anyway, now that I've probably alienated quite a few people who may read this... I don't care.  If you suck as bad as these people in my examples to, I don't need you in my life.  Unfriend me and lose my number.

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