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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Rant: People Tork Me Off! (part one)

I'm sure upon reading this some of you are going to just pish posh my thoughts aside because you think I'm either being hormonal, cranky or off my meds.  Well, I can assure you the latter is not true.  It is just hard being the type of person who has not once had the testicular fortitude to tell someone how I really feel.  I have had user friends galore, been walked on, talked down to, yelled at, you name it.  And I just sit back and accept it as part of life.  Do I wish I knew how to stick up for myself or stick up for what I think is right?  Absolutely.  But my fear of confrontation and/or being murdered in my sleep keeps me from saying a peep.

Also, let me say that I am not a prude.  I consider myself to be extremely open minded and I accept people for their flaws (as I expect people to accept me for mine.)  It takes a lot for me to completely drop all communication with someone.

Anyway, on to my point.  It amazes me how sad the human race is becoming.  I mean, there's the obvious that there are people murdering each other and that itself is ridiculous.  But, I'm referring more to things on a smaller scale.  For example, the other day on Facebook someone was bragging about driving home drunk and made a joke about being a wonderful role model.  Yes, because putting other people's lives in danger because you're too dumb/cheap to find another way home is REEEEAAALLLY hilarious!  People who tell me that college is the time for partying baffle me.  Really?  If I wanted to spend 40k on a party, it better be a lot more fun than any party I've ever been to!  And hey, if you're gonna party it up, just be sure to finish school while you're there.  Oh, you didn't?  Gee, somehow your theory that college was for partying didn't pan out because you missed the part about getting a degree at the end.

And finally, let me get on my high horse about drugs.  Again, I'm not some holier-than-thou person (although I'm probably coming across as one now.)  I've made it 30 years without drugs.  I have three older siblings and I'd wager a big chunk of money that NONE of them have done drugs.  I'm talking anything above alcohol.  Man, how have we made it this far in life without doing drugs?  Gosh, what a waste of life we have all had! 

I get it- people smoke pot.  I used to be frustrated with the idea, but I quickly realized more people were doing it than I realized.  I've accepted it.  I'm okay if they legalize it.  I guess I'm a little clueless on its purpose, but I don't avoid people knowing that they do it.  And I've been fortunate that the friends I've had that do, respect me enough not to try to push it on me. 

Part Two of this rant will post tomorrow... I bet you can't wait!!!

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