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Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Night's Weird Dreams

Lately I'm lucky to sleep long enough to have a full length dream, but last night I had two!

Dream one:  It started with my toe hurting and I stood in my parents' kitchen trying to figure out what was wrong with my toe.  Then I realized I had something sharp sticking out of my leg right under my knee.  It seemed like some kind of wire.  So, I started pulling on it and it was some kind of weird metal thing with like metal thorns on it.  As I pulled it out, it started peeling my leg and the skin was hanging off at some kind of right angle.  It didn't hurt at all, but a large flap of skin was hanging and I took the sink sprayer and started cleaning it out cause it was infected.  That is all I remember of that dream.

Dream two:  I was in some kind of weird situation that seemed more like a movie than real life.  I know I was involved in some kind of heist thing.  There was a ship that you could hide cars in (it felt like they were being buried cause they died.)  We had loot in the trunk and had to hide the car.  Well, somehow that morphed into a bunch of "family" having to move to an island to get away from hitmen because it seemed safe.  Well, for some reason I let them take my daughter.  Like what felt like a year later, I went to go get her and she was at school when I got there.  I was looking around the house at the pictures of her and she wasn't smiling in any of them.  It broke my heart to think she wasn't happy.  Then she got home and I heard her call one of the "family members" Mom and I was sad by that too.  I just broke down crying and told them I couldn't stand being away from her and I was taking her home with me.  That's about when I woke up.  I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness when I woke up.  It wasn't cool.  Oh, and I put "family" in quotes because they were my family in my dream, but they weren't actually people I know in real life.

Anyway, that's it.  I just thought I'd share because I'm sure you all care!

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