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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What in the World, L?

When A was six week old, she began sleeping through the night. She'd sleep like 14 hours a night and it was fabulous. I had energy, I was pleasant, getting a good night's sleep made a huge difference.

When L was born, there was no such luck. I think in his first 18 months, he only slept through the night for about a week (that was the best week ever!) Well, as he got closer to two, he started sleeping through the night. He'd wake up a couple times if he couldn't find his pacifier, but once it was back in his mouth, he'd fall right back asleep...

until about a week ago.

Now he has reverted back to his previous sleeping self and wakes up crying at least three times at night. And yesterday and today I had my alarm set for 7am, but he woke me up in the 6 o'clock hour crying. I'm super frustrated. I'm not sure why he has reverted. I remember his pediatrician saying that most people (even adults) wake up 3-5 times at night, but we don't remember because we immediately fall back asleep. But with kids, sometimes they don't realize that the immediate reaction should be to fall back asleep and they become disoriented and upset. Argh! I just don't get why kids are so resistant to sleep when adults crave it and can never seem to get enough.

Any horror stories out there about a kid who did this until they were seven? Let's all sympathize with each other's pain.


  1. You know it could be an earache or growing pains. What you could do though is to establish a routine that allows him to self correct... like using a cd on continuous play of whale song, waves or something calming. It could also help to make chamomile tea with a little honey and leave a sippy cup by his bed, telling him it will help him if he wakes in the night to take a few sips...

  2. It passed, thankfully! We actually use a sound machine already- I need it, too. I'm thinking maybe it was some kind of ailment or growing pains. Thanks for the advice!