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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Pet Shop Puppy Owner

I came across this letter on pncmidwest.org and thought I'd share it. I can't believe that after all we know about where pet store puppies come from, people still by them... argh!

"Dear Pet Shop Puppy Owner;

Today, your dog's mother died in my arms. After years of enduring relentless pain, living in filth and never knowing kind words or gentle hands, she had the gift of a few months of a life with people who loved her and would do anything for her. It wasn't long enough and she still suffered pain that would probably be unbearable to you or me despite everything possible that could be done for her.

She died on the first perfect day of spring, having never known the feel of the hot sun or gentle summer breezes. She never got to run with abandon through the grass or sniff interesting smells, chew on sticks or dig holes in the yard. She was blind, crippled with arthritis, had a fractured jaw and few teeth from bad diet and no care, and riddled with cancer which invaded her brain and made life confusing and frightening.

We loved her deeply and her loss is almost more than we can bear and made more terrible by the fact that she was only with us for a few short months. It would have taken years and years to make up for the callousness and cruelty she endured at human hands. Even then, it wouldn't have been enough.

Despite all the terrible things that had happened to her, she still bravely faced every day with a joyous heart and wagging tail. She was my teacher and my hero. My life will never be the same.

So hug her puppy close to you this day and think of the sacrifice this angel made so you could have that cute puppy in the window. I hope you realize how lucky you are.

Snowball's Foster Mother."


  1. Wow, I'm filled with emotions. Sadness and anger at the same time. My heart hurts knowing so many dogs are put through so much suffering just for the all mighty dollar.

    Thank you for sharing, God Bless.

  2. I just can't believe that people still buy from pet stores! I CAN believe people are that heartless when it comes to animals because I've met people like that.