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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let Me Explain My Butt

For years, I've been overweight... some years... borderline Hindenburg. 

But what I hate most is ... my butt!  (Or my rear end for those of you who find that word offensive.)

I have often compared it to one "person" and one person only: the penguin in Batman Returns.  Remember how Danny Devito looked in that pantyhose material stuffed with filling?  He had this really weird shaped body, but if you specifically remember what it looked like when he was in his lair underground and didn't really wear much in terms of clothing and it seemed like he had flesh colored spandex pants... yeah, that's what my tush looks like!

I don't even know what shape you would call it!  Square?  Whatever it is, I hate it.  Last year I lost 45 pounds (don't get excited for me, I've pretty much gained it back) and guess what- my butt was still a square!!

What is the deal???  I hate it!  I don't think I'd opt for a flat hind end, but seriously... what kind of cruel joke is God playing on me when my butt can only be described as that of the penguin from Batman?



  1. At least you have a butt. I'm half black and have a flat pancake ass - lol

  2. I may have to see proof of this- I don't believe you have a flat butt! I bet it's awesome!

  3. My mom suffers from noassatol and I suffer from a square bubble butt... Like you, I've had a few years of extra padding, but even when I was thin(ner) I still had a square bubble butt. I dont think it matters anymore. I did some research and a square (or H shaped) derriere is actually healthier! So rejoice in your H! Read this article I found...