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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Short Story: Beauty & The Beast (An Internal Story of Conflict)

The Beast was one of those guys that thought he knew everything.  He refused to listen to anyone and just went with his gut on every major and minor life decision.  When it came to girls, he had a wall up and refused to let them in because it would be unbeastly of him.  The other beasts were much easier to hang out with than the female species.  Beasts are beasts and there is no drama, no heartache, no game playing, just beasts being beasts.

In reality, The Beast did not know much outside of the edges of his bitter soul.  He had been hardened by a previous pointless mistake and it had blinded him to the reality of goodness in the world.  He could no longer see the sun through the clouds and a smile was something that just occurred as a reciprocation of politeness.  He knew little outside the four walls of his own private hell.

Then he met Beauty.  Her soul was pure, her smile was genuine.  Some would say her only fault was being too nice.  (Well, that and her feet- she inherited the hideous feet gene.)  In her niceness, she failed to see evil.  She failed to consider the fact that the world wasn't always sunshine and roses all day long.  With her unwaivering smile, she set out to make the world a happier place, one person at a time.

One day Beauty met The Beast.  It was a chance meeting that was completely unplanned.  Beauty was in a state of mind of passing out daisies and rainbows to those around her.  The Beast was despondent.  Beauty felt her heart opening in sympathy and had decided to make it her mission to make The Beast whole again.  She invested her time, she devoted a small piece of her soul, she felt The Beast begin to crack and his smile start to radiate a little bit of truth.  She was hopeful that she could repair his shattered being.  But in her eagerness, she lost sight of her reason for being, her purpose in life- to share her generosity, warmth and kindness to everyone, not just one person.  She needed an intervention, but she didn't listen to those that told her The Beast was bad news.

After weeks of trying to bandage The Beast's hopeless soul, Beauty was entangled in a cloud of undulated happiness, having thought she had succeeded.

But she had failed.  The Beast, like a deer in the headlights of a freight train carrying lead and bullets, put the wall back up.  Beauty ran right into it.  She smacked her face so hard it left her dizzy, spinning, shocked.  For once, her smile faded and the world wasn't so rosey.  The bright hues around the objects in front of her were losing their luster.  What had happened?  Had she failed?  Her world no longer was what she had thought it was.  She, who had devoted her life to bringing joy to herself and ALL those around her, had done the ultimate disgrace to her being and fallen for The Beast, only to be blindsided by his dark heart.

Beauty wandered the forest of emotion that was wracking her body and her being.  Questions filled her head.  Was she not good enough to deserve affection from The Beast?  Why did she care?  Why had she failed to keep her promise to herself to stay true to her mission and not focus solely on one entity?

Beauty was crushed, but refused to let it ruin her.  She refocused her energy on all the positive things life still had to offer.  There were many people out there that still needed smiles.  She knew that The Beast still needed joy in his life, but she was no longer going to let him steal all of her radiance.  She was going to put a band-aid on the part of her heart that he had chipped away at and continue to bring sunshine into a world threatened by so much darkness.  Eventually the world became so enamored of Beauty's mission that the good people at Nobel decided to make a new honor- The Nobel Prize for Good Tidings.  Beauty was the first recipient.  She continues to wear a smile everywhere she goes...

And The Beast?  His tale does not end so pleasantly.  He is fortunate in that he still has a little Beauty in his life, but has since realized that being blackhearted is not what he really wants out of life.  He ventured on a roller coaster of skanks and misery that left him 50, thrice divorced and lonely.  


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