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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who's More Annoying- Men or Women?

I was listening to the radio this morning when I was driving home.  They were talking about a recent survey that asked women what the most annoying things were that men did.  Here were the top 3:

1) Passing gas, burping or making any other kind of yucky function.

I totally concur on this one.  Yes, it's natural and everyone does it, but not everyone makes it public knowledge.  I will never understand why people think fart jokes are funny- ew.

2) Adjusting themselves.

Now, I can understand the necessity to do this once in awhile, but there are guys that you will see do it quite often.  Why not just wear pants and underwear that fit?  Is it a habit?  Are you just trying to make us look there?  Either way, excessive is outrageous.

3) Selective hearing.

Okay, this one doesn't bother me THAT much, but yet it does.  LOL.  I will admit that I appear to not be listening quite often.  I have a problem doing one thing at a time and sitting still and listening is not something I'm capable of.  However, my recall on the things discussed is quite good.  Now, having to repeat something to a guy on multiple occasions because he doesn't listen... that bothers me.  And then when they say that it's because I usually don't say anything important... well, that's just asking to be slaughtered.

Well, what do you think?  Girls, do you concur?  Guys, is this inaccurate?  What is it about women that you find annoying?  I'm sure I can think of a couple things, like talking incessantly and getting upset about little things.  Lots of the "girly" things annoy me too.

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  1. Ok. I can understand selective hearing being annoying, but if we don't like talking about certain things, or listening to certain things, we shouldn't be forced to. Women should respect that. Also, how is guys adjusting themselves annoying? Sure it could be disturbing but we can't help it. Balls can get itchy and it's a really bad itch. This causes us to naturally try to scratch. Also if it hangs too low, they could bounce on a bumpy bus ride or you can just plainly sit on them. Imagine if your boobs were in between your legs. If you sat on them, wouldn't you go on a grab them too? What women don't understand is that when you have external genitals, they will get in the way and cause discomfort. Sure we can adjust in private but no change is permanent. As soon as you return it will happen again. Why do women look in the first place? They should talk to the man and not insult him for doing something that's completely natural. Women would do the same thing. If you were feeling discomfort in your bra, wouldn't you adjust it? Sure you can go in private and everything is fine. But adjustment for us is wayyyy harder. Speaking of natural things, farting and burping can be annoying. But you can't insult someone for doing something that's completely natural. Men could wait until their in private to do it, but us men are completely care-free in nature and aren't afraid.