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Friday, October 23, 2009

Is This Rude?

I know that in life there is a great debate about everything between men and women. Something as little as the trash can turn into some huge to-do. And why is the trash such a big deal? My theory is that if you see that it's full, take it out. Yes, I'm sure my husband sees that it's full and doesn't take it out, but instead of worrying about him, it's faster if I just do it myself, cause really, it's not that hard.

But here's the situation that I'm wondering about:

I hate sitting still... I can't do it. I can't just sit and watch tv and I can't just sit and listen to someone talk to me. For some reason, I have this constant need to be doing something. Case in point, I know that it is important to show respect by making eye contact, but I have to be doing something else while someone is talking to me. Whether it's reading the paper, looking at my blackberry or surfing the internet, I find myself doing something else, but I'm listening! I could recite back what was just said. I don't know if this is something a lot of women do versus something men rarely do or if it is a personality type function. Well, anyway, apparently some people think it's rude and can't get over it.

Anyone have any insight into this? Where do you stand on this issue?


  1. If the trash is full in our house and I see it, I empty it. If my husband sees it, he empties it. It's not either of our "jobs" we just do it when it needs to be done.

    I'm not very good at sitting still either. I know it bothers some people, but that just the way some of us are! :)

  2. On the talking / listening / doing front. If you are doing something and someone comes up to you while you are emailing, researching, whatever; if you keep doing it and especially if you put them on notice (ie "I can listen and stuff, but I need to keep doing this.") it is definately not rude. However, if you are sitting in a restauraunt or visiting someone in their home or at a function of some kind... networking is just part of that. So, yes it would be rude to pick up a book or start texting someone or whatever on your blackberry. The reason it is rude is because you are telling that person by your action that they are not important enough for you to abide by basic social niceties and common courtesy, in fact that they are boring and you just cannot be bothered to pay your full attention to them. That being said, if you have extra energy and a need to direct it... have you thought of knitting or crocheting. It keeps your hands busy and occupied, as well as a part of your brain, and no-one will see it as willfully rude if you listen to them and make a crocheted pumpkin hat for your little one.

  3. Thanks for the input, Ladies... I totally see how it can be construed as rude, but it's sooooo hard to sit still!

    lavender- I'm not really a knitter... maybe I could carry a little piano with me and play it while they're talking? lol