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Friday, August 28, 2009

Anyone with white gloves want to buy a red popsicle?

I love money... but not in the way that most people love money. I don't want to be rich, because I like to think of myself as a minimalist at heart. Sure, I have tv's, dvd players and a blackberry, but I don't buy the really expensive ones. Oh, and I drive a Ford Taurus... what does that tell you, haha?

But what I love about about money is making it... my own way. I think one of the coolest things in life is figuring out innovative ways to earn money. Then I feel like I made the money using my brain, which then inflates my ego, which then makes people hate me... oh, wait, I don't want people to hate me- so I'll leave the ego inflation to a minimum.

Case in point, in fifth grade, I had quite the collection of VHS tapes. In my mind, it made a lot of sense to share the wealth with my fellow classmates. I typed up a list of all my movies and allowed my classmates to rent them for two nights for fifty cents. It was quite a lucrative experience and not one VHS tape went unreturned.

Now, as an adult, I don't find too many people that want to rent VHS tapes from me for fifty cents, lol. Although I have been trying to convince Netflix to compete with Redbox by offering individual rentals with a credit card on their website. Redbox charges $1 for ONE night. And of course, their selection is very limited. So, if Netflix would charge $1 for unlimited nights, I definitely think it would appeal to people because they also have HUGE selection of DVDs and it would come to your door. Anyone else think this is a genius idea? I try to tell them, but they ignore me... meanie heads.

Last thing I want to mention is just that currently my fave ways to make money with my brain are on ebay (finding cheap obscure things to buy and then selling them high on ebay) and finding ways to make money on my blog that aren't things like Google AdSense (does ANYONE make money off that?!) and picking and choosing what I review. I know that's not innovative, but I like giving my opinion and making money off it.

But, I definitely don't want to be some rich person who thinks life is great once you have money. I know that's not the case- how many rich people smile non-stop and never cry? I just want a nice, ranch style house with a basement, one beat up truck and one functioning car for road tripping. Life is far greater when you make your own happiness instead of trying to find it through materialistic endeavors.

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  1. I love your idea when you were a kid renting out your VHS tapes. When I was a kid, I would sell my Mom's MaryKay makeup samples for .25 cents. Ha Ha!