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Friday, August 7, 2009

Coricidin: Scary Stuff

I am taking a break from my usual jokester ways to get a message out that is very important to me.

Coricidin is an over the counter medication that is not regulated whatsoever. You can go in and purchase 100 boxes without being asked any questions, required to show ID or informed in any way of the repercussions of this potentially dangerous drug!

It is dangerous because it contains a hallucinogenic agent known as dextromethorphan. Known on the street as "skittles", people are popping these things like candy and at dangerous levels. Many take a whole box (32) at a time! It is my stance that the sale of Coricidin needs to be regulated just like the sale of Sudafed and other medications used to make meth that are now only available from BEHIND the counter and ID must be shown and necessary precautions are taken.

Why am I so passionate about this?

Without getting into details or naming names, a relative of mine was taking Coricidin on a daily basis and generally taking a whole box at a time. He and his friend would do this to get high every day.

Unfortunately during one of those periods of hallucinations, he murdered his wife and child. He was out of his mind, had no idea what he was doing and now not only are those two lives lost forever, but the families of the victims and his family will never be the same. He is currently on trial and the levels of this dextromethorphan in his system were about that of someone on LSD. He loved his wife, he loved his child, but unfortunately he also loved taking this drug.

What can you do?

I think that the law and legislation need to become aware of the need for regulations of this powerful drug! I am not the first with stories such as this. Read this article from another man whose life was turned upside down after being introduced to Coricidin. It can even be found in the urban dictionary!

Please, please, please repost this blog! Whether it is on your blog, on facebook, linked on Twitter, what have you, the word needs to be spread. You can also feel free to print this and send it to the legislation in your state.

I know that people voluntarily take this drug, just like people voluntarily take meth. And I in no way am saying that the actions people take while on this drug should be forgiven. I am trying to say that Coricidin should NOT BE AVAILABLE over the counter and should have limits placed on the quantity purchased, just as they have done with Sudafed and medicines used to manufacture methamphetamines.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please pass this message on!!




  1. thank you for sharing this heartrending story and the details of a serious problem. I will certainly look into this and repost to let others know about it!

  2. Too many drugs have come to market bearing pedigrees which imply that they've been clinically tested, through peer review, and through rigorous FDA evaluation. And then after millions of patients take the drug, it proves dangerous or even deadly. Bummer!

  3. Kaydee, thanks for passing on the message! It helps!

    Ajlouny, I know what you're saying... it happens a lot with pain medication it seems. But drugs are such a weird invention because they are meant to help, but sometimes do more harm than good.

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