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Friday, July 10, 2009

Our First Real Boo Boo

So yesterday we encountered our first "major" boo boo with one of our children. Pretty good, I'd say, considering my oldest is three and a half. Well, she has gotten kind of wild as of late. In the past couple days, she's given me two bruises on my leg from jumping on me, kicked me in the mouth accidentally while playing and then yesterday was the worst.

Being the older sister, she often uses her brute strength to get her way. We have often said that she is going to be sorry when her brother gets bigger than she is cause payback is gonna be hard! Right now he's only 5 lbs. less than her, but is 2 years younger...

Anyway, they were running in the house despite our objections and she would throw a ball and they would both chase it, but she would knock him out of the way before he could get to it. Well, on the third attempt, she knocked him down and he smacked his face on the table leg. Immediately blood started running down his face! I jumped up and grabbed him and yelled for Nick to get some paper towels. It was small laceration, but seemed pretty deep. I called my in-laws to come tell us if they thought it needed stitches. (They live two doors down.) After the blood was cleanded up, it was decided that butterfly bandaids might do the trick- so far so good! But it's our first brush with any kind of big owie. Hopefully there are no stitches or broken bones in their future.

Just thought I'd share!

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