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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Apology to the Bat Community

Hey, Bats,

You know I love you! You're adorable, you're like hamsters with wings- so cute! And I'd NEVER purposely hurt one of your kind!

Well, then there's the old man. He is deathly afraid of you guys. My biggest fears are death and spiders and his are bats, bats aaaaaaaaaaand bats.

Picture it: today we were watching TV and he thought of a witty comeback to put on Facebook, so he hopped out of his recliner and went to the computer. I heard this funny noise and looked around curiously, but it stopped. Then when he hopped back in the chair, the noise started again and we looked at each other. My first thought was that there were mice nesting under the chair- gross, but not unbelievable. So, I went and got a flashlight and took a gander.


Instantly, the old man jumped out of his chair and I went into animal saving mode. The poor little guy was stuck in the gears and struggling to free himself. He looked mighty angry, so I did not want to get my bare hands near him. We got a cup and I nudged him into said cup. I looked him over, established that his wing was not torn, but maybe injured and took him outside. I found a dark place to put him that wouldn't be accessible to the cats and let him be. I've checked on him occasionally, but am hopeful for a full recovery.

Are you mad, Bats? As I mentioned, it was an honest mistake and his cuteness broke my heart. You can feel free to swarm the bugs outside my house anytime you want.



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  1. Being a cityboy, I would NOT deal well with a bat showing up at my house. I have difficulty with random bugs I find in the yard...sometimes even the squirrels freak me out.