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Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I Love Thrift Stores

I think I could easily be a shopaholic. New things make me happy. I don't consider myself a materialistic person in the least, but I do like to get new things cheap. My town is small and our only major retailer is WalMart. I don't have a problem with WalMart, but when it comes to clothes, you don't want to wear what everyone else is.

We have a salvation army in our town and I like to go once a week. I browse, but mainly look through the kids clothes and toys because you will occasionally find something awesome! I also usually donate once a week when I go... yet my house is still cluttered! Today's great find was a corduroy Chrismas dress for A next year. It's a 5 and she wears a 3T/4T/4, so it will be perfect next year. Did I mention it was Ralph Lauren? It was a dollar- woot!

Ahhh, retail therapy.

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