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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh, the Holidays!

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's is my favorite time of year. I know, this is quite unoriginal of a revelation, but I can't lie and come up with a more clever time of year. This is not just a fat person thing to say, but one of my favorite things is the food- good and free! I'm all about tasty food that I didn't have to buy or cook. And there is always an array of choices, not just the boring ho hum turkey and taties. I also love the spirit of giving. I'm a bigger fan of giving than receiving and I love putting thought into gifts.

On that note, why I'm not a fan of receiving is because I hate feeling guilty and gifts always do that for me. If I don't like them, I feel mass amounts of guilt. And I hate showing fake joy at receiving a gift that I'm hoping came with the receipt. Likewise it makes me curious to know if the people I give gifts to feel the same. All right, now I just became a little bitter about the season, so I'll move on, lol.

The downfall of holidays is having to spend it with those relatives that you don't actually enjoy their company. Whether it be an overly critical blood relative or that in-law that punched me in the face once, it is difficult to spend time with "family" that you don't want to be around. And is my family the only one that isn't fake with each other? We all know where we stand with each other, but my in-laws all pretend to be lovey dovey, but tell me otherwise when their backs are turned. Which is better?

But, what always brings the smile back to my face is the excitement from my children. They love playing with cousins, opening presents and being the center of attention. It makes it hard to be miserable on holidays when you see how happy your children are and it brings you back to the time of your own youth, when the future seemed less grim and bleak and Santa was the coolest guy in the world!

Happy Holidays!

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