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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Ebay

I love ebay! I love buying on ebay and I love selling on ebay. Note my previous post on thrift stores. I like being able to buy things that you can't get at WalMart and that everyone else doesn't have. Or, I will randomly think of something that I think would be neat to have and lo and behold!- it's on ebay. I don't buy as much as I sell, but I recently bought some Christmas outfits for my kids. WalMart's Christmas outfits are TOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Not price, gawdiness! My daughter is not a real girly girl, but that's the only dresses they have. And I don't want to dress my son up like Santa or a tacky polyester doll. But, that's about all my choices at good ole WalMart. So, I went on ebay. I found a cute outfit for Thanksgiving that my daughter wore and also found her a cute dress to wear for Christmas. The dress was Buy It Now and shipping was priority. I paid within 5 minutes. The seller waited eleven days to ship the dress and never responded to my emails. When I opened a dispute her comment was "I don't control the Post Office." Well, I found that rude, but when I saw the shipping label was printed on Dec. 2, I knew she had waited the 11 days to ship. So, add that to the rudeness and unresponsiveness and I felt she deserved a negative.

The dress was at least cute, but appears to have a small stain that wasn't mentioned. I won an auction for 3 Christmas outfits for my son and they all ended up being too small, so I'm back to searching again.

I much prefer selling. It feels good to get rid of the junk and I use the extra money I make to buy the kids stuff. Selling does have many annoying side effects though because I get dead beat bidders a lot or people that like to wait a week to pay.

Awww, gotta love ebay!

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