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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Facebook rant

"When buying or selling kittens and puppies, although people often want to "get rid of them" sooner than later, please keep in mind that for both puppies and kittens, they should not be rehomed until 8 weeks at the soonest.  Small breeds it is recommended 10-12 and kittens are generally 8-10.  The weeks between 6-8 are the weeks that puppies and kittens develop socialization skills.  If they are rehomed sooner than that, it is much more stressful for them.  Also, kittens are more able to find the litter box and hold their bladders at 8 weeks vs. 6 weeks.  And another reason is that puppies and kittens have sensitive stomachs and between 6-8 weeks their stomachs are sensitive to new foods and even new WATER sources!  In many states, it is illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks without a vet's written consent.  I know most people will ignore this, but please have a conscience about the health and well-being of your young animals.  They are just as cute and cuddly (if not more) at 8 weeks of age!"

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