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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Orajel Incident: Made for TV

I love my husband and it is with love that I post this story, because it was right off a TV comedy and sooooooooooo new dad typical...

Upon realizing that Baby H's inconsolability was due to the emergence of his first tooth, it was quickly decided that if he was going to go to sleep (and thusly if we were to get any sleep) we needed some Baby Orajel ASAP!

I had just showered and was in my jammy jammers sitting on the couch with Baby H, playing some Bruno Mars (his favorite) to try to get him to sleep.  He just seemed so exhausted and would randomly start crying like he had been pinched hard.  Poor guy!!!

So, since I was not appropriately attired, David decided to run up the block to the grocery store.  It is a chain, not a mom and pop store, so I was 99.99% sure that they had Baby Orajel.

While Baby H is fussing, it seems like the minutes are taking hours.  Finally David arrives and pulls out.... Baby Orajel TOOTH PASTE!  I laugh in a, "ooooooooooooh, David" kind of way.  I let him know (very nicely, which is shocking for myself) that it was toothpaste.  He claims that they did not have any other kind of Baby Orajel there... he offered to drive to a different grocery store a couple miles away.  I just couldn't do it... I had to get dressed and go back to the first store to prove to him that they had it... they just HAD to!

So we go...


They have it!  We return the toothpaste and pay the difference for the right stuff.  I give him the $hit-eating grin that you know you would have a hard time holding back if you were in my position too.

We get home, rub some on Baby H's gums and BOOM- magic in a tube and he's been asleep 9 hours and counting...

My husband is so cute... lol.

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