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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life is Better Than Ever!

Before having kids, my life seemed like a lot of the same.  Each day, I'd wake up, work or not work, watch TV, it was boring and I was in a state of depression.  When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, life took on a whole new meaning.  Cleaning became important, eating healthy became important, just my overall priorities in life became better.  I realized that it was no longer just going to be my husband and I and a bunch of dogs.

Of course, reality doesn't really hit until your baby is in the world.  You realize that every moment until your child moves out will be devoted to thoughts about them, doing things for them, worrying, caring.  A child is an investment and your soul is the banker.  Life is so much better than it ever was because I have passion.  I have motivation.  I am in love with my life and my children are a major part of that.  They invoke emotion in me every day; laughter, tears, worry, frustration, curiosity.  It's a neverending process and I look forward to a lifetime of challenges and rewards I am a far better person than I was before I became a mother.

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  1. Love this post... I can't wait to be a mother sometimes. Then other times it freaks me out being responsible for another human being! You are an awesome Mom!