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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Weird Dream: The Professor and the Cat Killers

This dream happened more than a month ago, but it was quite vivid, so I'm going to share it.  My dream from last night involved getting stabbed at a prison and having the wound got infected and infested with maggots- I don't think you guys want to hear about that dream!

So my dream that I'm going to talk about started with my husband deciding that he hated the cats that live in the house.  Behind my back, he called his friend to come over and exterminate them.  So, his friend shows up with two hillbilly rednecks and a professor from WIU that I've never actually had class with.  The professor was dressed in a suit and tie.  The professor tells me that he had no idea it was my cats and heads to the kitchen and begins making coffee.

My husband feels guilty that they are going to kill the cats and he helps me hide them.  Meanwhile, his friend and the rednecks start shooting up the house with shotguns because they "see movements" and just shoot at them.  The cats stay hidden and safe and the professor stays in the kitchen by the coffeemaker the whole time.

My dreams tend to not have endings, so that's all I have.


  1. if you start "shooting up the place" because you see movements, you might need help. Or, you might be Michelle after she got all excited at the prospect of findin' a real good source

  2. what an odd dream. I had a crazy dream too the other day that I was on a space ship trying to smuggle my lover on board. Weird.

  3. Anonymous (Michael)... what if she reads this and gets offended?!

    Sarah- you dream about space ships? Was your lover an alien? Was it the alien from District 9?