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Monday, March 1, 2010

Countdown to Easter begins...

I love holidays. First because my kids think they are magical and special. Second because someone else fixes a gourmet meal and I get to eat it for free. (You know how much I love free stuff!)

Well anyway, with Easter comes a sense of peace for me. Not because of Jesus, although that's a nice idea. No, it means I can de-stress a little. The next couple weeks are going to be maddening. Tuesday I leave for work/school at 8. At 1:45 after class, I leave early to drive back home, which is roughly an hour away. I get about 30 minutes in between and then I have to drive an hour the OTHER direction because I'm taking a sub authorization class so I can substitute teach. It meets 5 times and each class is FOUR HOURS. I have to do this on Tuesday and Thursday the next 2 weeks. Plus, I have papers due, projects due, assignments due, reading to do in the meantime.

I enjoy being busy, but I don't like stress, and this could be kinda stressful. So, I'm looking forward to Easter and knowing the hard part is over, it's almost summer break (which I intend to get a job and take 2 classes) and then it's Christmas! Okay, that is kinda far away, but I love Christmas.

I'm tired, I'm not making sense and I had some awesome mac and cheese for dinner!

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