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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's Up With That, World?

I just wanted to ponder something for a moment.

Why does everyone automatically assume all young people are single parents? It's quite odd. Okay, so maybe I kind of understand it in regards to my town as there are a TON of single parents, but is it now the norm to assume people are single parents and treat them as such?

Don't get me wrong, I don't find it offensive, I just marvel at the idea of it. Here are my two recent examples:

My husband got a part time job and one of the girls he worked with was trying to get to know him during some slow time. He mentioned that he had two kids and her response to this was, "oh, do you get to see them much?" lol...

Then Monday, I was subbing at one of the elementary schools and there was this older lady subbing as well and she knew my mom, so she was asking me questions. I mentioned having kids and she hesitated and said, "... and... are you... married? I hate to ask, but you never know these days." And when I said yes, she replied, "oh, that's so wonderful to hear!" And the interesting thing is we both have tattooed wedding rings, so it's not like people can't look at our ring fingers.

Anyway, that was my little thought for the day: feel free to comment or go about your life as usual.


  1. Love it. The first incident made me laugh hahaaha It's just like back offff.

  2. Apparently the woman asked him at work yesterday if he was still married with children... yowzas! I wonder if her daughter knows she's being pimped out so hardcore!