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Monday, September 28, 2009

Can You Believe This?!?

I was watching The View the other day, cause of course that's the only way I ever get news unless it is on my google home page or a trending topic on Twitter.

They were talking about a couple in Arizona whose children were taken away from them temporarily after a WalMart employee turned over photos they had taken of their children partially nude during bathtime.

I could not believe this! I have taken pictures of my kids bathing or even in their undies because they are so frickin' adorable. Of course, I use a digital camera and never get photos printed at WalMart, but that's not the point. The point is that what was an innocent family photo op was turned into allegations of sexual abuse that have traumatized an entire family! On The View it said they lost custody for a month, but other things I've read said days to weeks. Either way, they should not have lost them at all. I know that people were doing their job by investigating, but just looking at the photos should have shown how harmless they were.

The couple is now suing the state of Arizona (they are from Peoria, IL) along with WalMart. What do you think about this?

Oh, and the couple's names are Anthony and Lisa Demaree and I believe their kids were all under 5 at the time the photos were taken. Here's another link if you'd like to read more.

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