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Monday, June 1, 2009

You Suck, Paypal!

Okay, so I find Paypal to be very essential.

But right now I want Paypal to get stabbed with a pitchfork, thrown in a hole and set on fire!

I love to sell stuff on ebay. Especially if it's something in my house that is going to be nothing but clutter.

I don't want to make this really long, so I'm not going to get into what I sold and the fact that is 100% worked when I shipped it. Anyway, after the buyer repeatedly sent me rude messages on ebay and I even called them to see what I should do, they told me I should let it be escalated to a claim on paypal because they were so sure I'd win. I didn't. Cause Paypal is retarded. As if I need any more frustrations in my life right now, stupid @Q#$!@%!$#! Paypal decides to go and screw me over.

*deep breaths* Okay, I need to go break something.

Stupid Paypal!!!


  1. I couldn't agree more! Well stated... had my own run in with them earlier this year.

    An idiot bought something & provided his old address to ship to (like he didn't know he'd moved?!?) Since I didn't buy Delivery Confirmation, PayPal gave him his money back. This was after he confirmed to them that he gave the wrong address. WHAT? If I'd purchased Delivery Confirmation he STILL wouldn't get it...DUH!

    And why can't they accept a USPS receipt as verification??? They said I might go & pay the post office to ship the item & not ship it! WHY????


  2. It totally blows cause it makes me not want to use paypal, but unfortunately they kinda have a monopoly on their kinda service.

    You'd think the fact that I bring them more business than the tool that filed the complaint would have factored in!

  3. Oh my goodness! I have had this happen as well! The buyer was not being truthful and paypal took the money from me! I have also had this happen where I was the buyer and I didn't receive what I purchased and paypal didn't do a darn thing! It is definitely a love-hate relationship!

  4. This is my first bad experience with paypal, but I've heard many a horror story! I thought they usually sided with the seller as well.