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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Photobucket Vault 2 Edition


  1. Okay what is the story behind the fire? Are those dogs in the last picture shih tzu's? I had those growing up!

  2. Burning stuff IS fun!

    And it was a loveseat being burned. We have a big fire pit and my husband is a bit of a pyro, so anything fun to burn, it's gone!

    And they are pekingese, but look a lot like shih tzus!

  3. Can I burn my mothers house down in the hopes that we will get somewhere better? Please? Arson would be so much fyn : /

  4. what happened to your eyeball?

  5. celtic girl- i'm pretty sure arson is illegal. And they always catch you... so I'd recommend no.

    Sarah- that is what my eye looked like after lasik surgery. Apparently it is a rare occurrence for it to bleed like that.