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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear Wendy's

Well, hello there, Wendy's! It's me, hamsterkitten.

In answer to the old lady's question, "where's the beef," I have her answer. The beef is here and it lies with me. Cause I, Wendy's, have a beef with you!

Now, there is nothing good that comes out of sheer negativity, so let me start by singing your praise. I appreciate that your buns are not dripping with grease as some of your competitions sloppy buns tend to be. Your meat is never frozen. Okay, not sure how that makes a difference in taste, but I'll take your word for it. But, your best attribute lies in your variety. As a mom who hates resorting to fast food as it is not overtly nutritious, I like to have the option of getting my family something to eat that is not coated in a gallon of salt. Therefore, being able to get my kids a meal that has mandarin oranges and milk and myself a meal that has a caesar side salad or baked potato makes my mom meter set to "A Okay."

Now, herein lies the beef. What in the world are you thinking in regards to the toys that come in your kids meals?! Whomever works in your marketing department that chooses these needs to be FIRED. Okay, maybe not fired because this is a tough economy and I don't want to see anyone out on the street (except the AIG people). But, he or she deserves a prompt throttling and a tsk, tsk, tsk.

I have maybe frequented your establishment with my children six times in the past year (if that.) Each time, I have been severely disappointed with the "prize." You try explaining to a 3 1/2 year old what she is supposed to do with a CD ROM. Why would you want to promote children sitting in front of the computer? I mean, they're already eating fast food and with childhood obesity what it is, wouldn't you want to promote something like using their imagination or heck, even a bouncy ball would suffice!

I can't remember the last time there was a good toy in the kids meal. I have resorted before in asking to see the under 3 toy because it is actually something she could play with.

Perhaps I am the lone thinker on this issue, but I doubt it. But I'd venture to say that there is at least one person out there who will choose Burger King over Wendy's just so their kid can have a better toy. I was wrong once in 1981, so it isn't an impossibility.

Thank you for your time and keep on keepin' on! Mandarin oranges are scrumptious!



  1. I could not agree with you more! We try not to eat fast-food very much either but my kids (my 7 year old in particular) would rather go anywhere than Wendy's because of their craptastic kid's meal toys. We have many CD-ROM's and miniature decks of playing cards (all scattered in the backseat of my car before we ever even made it home). They should forgo the junior Frosty in each kids meal (as that is another mess...another rant) and opt for better kids meal toys. LOL

  2. So true! My daughter gets the funniest face when she pulls the toy out of the bag from Wendy's! Like she got ripped off or something!

  3. Thank you ladies for letting me know I wasn't the only crazy mom out there who thought these toys were lame! I'm also glad to know that older children don't like them either and it's not just that my kids are too young to appreciate them!

  4. They need to fire their promotions person at Wendy's for coming up with those kids meal toys.
    I, myself, do not have children YET (I want some) but I love getting kids meals for the toys. I refuse to grow up! I avoid ordering any kids meals at Wendy's because of their predictable crappy toy selection...and I'm 29.