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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Husband Blunder of the Day

So get this thing my husband did today that left me scratching my head:

It has been under 10 degrees all day today- very cold! The kids were napping and I decided to run a few errands. We currently live in an old farmhouse that is very drafty and we keep the thermostat at 72 when it is this cold so our poor little kiddos don't freeze their tootsies off.

Anyway, I get home and realize it is super cold in the house. I put socks on the kids and pity their hands being chilly. I notice my husband sitting in the recliner with the heated blanket on and the space heater sitting next to him and don't really think too much of it... until about 10 minutes later when I just can't get over how cold it is and check the thermostat- it says 76!

To my husband I say, "you turned the heat up to 76?!" I am a little freaked out because this must mean our heater is broken. And then he reminds me, "I have the space heater on." And then I get it. The recliner is right in front of the thermostat. When you turn the space heater on, it tricks the thermostat into thinking it is warmer than it is... thus the heat won't kick on. I had forgotten. So, I think that this will trigger hubby to turn the space heater off... after staring at him for 3 minutes, he acts clueless and I point out how we are all freezing. He reluctantly turns the space heater off and in about 5 minutes the heat kicks on... no more frosty noses.

So, him being warm and toasty was more important than the rest of his family freezing? Interesting...

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