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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wow, it's 2024?! (Musings on my "brand.")

 Where has the time gone?  I haven't blogged in almost a year.  I've decided to blog now because I'm currently taking a grad class about personal branding and although I am clearly not active with blogging, I'm trying to decide what direction is most important to go with my "brand."  I don't aim to make money with it... that's a pipedream that has long since been burst.  But I feel as though I get the most genuine response from followers when I discuss mental health.  Of course my favorite thing to do is use humor to lighten the mood.

I think about some of the blogs that I used to follow the authors and keep in touch with them.  Some have divorced, their children have moved on... but they haven't updated their blogs in years.  I don't keep in touch with them anymore.  I think about all the people that got famous doing the unboxing videos.  I never wanted to do that with my kids, despite their constant proclamations that they were going to grow up to be YouTube stars.  And what about TikTok?  Nope, haven't gotten on board with that.  Don't plan to either.  I have started throwing some YouTube shorts up.  Many of them are recycled Instagram reels, though, lol.  

So what is my "brand" right now?  If you're interested, I still post quite a bit on Facebook and Instagram.  It's mostly humor, mental health (mainly borderline, ptsd, and bipolar), animal videos (I love my squirrels) and occasional trending stuff.

I promise to post an update about my life and those in it very soon just in case there's that one person reading this that has been on pins and needles wondering what's been going on.  I can't make any promises to post more than that because I don't believe in setting myself up for failure.

This is what I've got for now.  Stay tuned...

Oh, and if you're new- I've got a lot of great older content!

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