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Monday, September 29, 2014

#Fashion Post: Can we bring back dresses over pants?

This is kind of the look I like.

I know I don't ever really post anything about fashion, but this fad had me filled with an opinion.

For the last several years, I've been anti-jeans and pants.  I maybe had one pair of capri slacks and two pairs of jeans.  I much prefer dresses and skirts.  But for some reason, I decided I was interested in jeans this fall and winter and bought a couple new pairs.  Then one day, I had to run to the store and my dress was a bit too short for public wear, so I thought, "I'm gonna throw a pair of jeans on under this."  I was watching an episode of Fashion Police (RIP Joan!) maybe four or five months ago and they were totally knocking the whole dress over jeans things because it was soooo early 2000s and they all claimed to hate hate hate it!

This is a much more sophisticated  look.
But I don't know... I'm thinking this should be the year to bring it back, but in a less bright pink spaghetti strap summer type dress and more a bit "dressier" dress over the jeans.  So, when I was doing a google image search for dress over pants, I hit upon a magical article that was recently posted on Stylehaus  (there are several pictures that give an example of the current look.)  It was in reference to the spring and pre/fall 2014 runway shows and how they--shock--brought back the dresses over pants!!

A big difference, though is that back in the early 00s, jeggings and skinny legs weren't a trend.  Most
of the time you saw the outfit with bootcut jeans or slacks, but also with capri leggings or capri pants.

I think the dress over jeans look is great because I have so many dresses anyway and I don't have to worry about tights or leggings, which I'm kinda over this year.  However, I'd like to do away with the spaghetti strap dress over pants- throw a shrug or bolero over those shoulders or wear a dress with sleeves (cap or otherwise.)

So what do you think, my fellow non-fashionistas?  Do you like this look?  Did you ever wear it back in the 00s when it was "hip?"  I'm going to wear it and start my own small-town trend.

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