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Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer vacation is soooo not a vacation for parents!!

Whether you're a work-at-home parent, a stay-at-home parents, a teacher, someone who works off shifts, you are going to find yourself home during those hours that were joyous while your children were at school that have now become a three month prison sentence.

I'm sure some of you will roll your eyes at this post or ask if I bought balloons for my pity party, but hey... quit reading then.  But those of you that can commiserate, read on.

As a mother of four, with my two oldest being in school, there's no such thing as a break on days I'm not working.  I'm home alone with the kids until my husband gets off work, then school lets out and the older two come home.  It's a lot easier with another person to help, so it's great that he's always home during non-school hours. 

But then summer hits...  my 8 year old daughter is hit or miss.  Some days she will be a happy bundle of helpfulness, other days she is crabby, keeps to herself or is mean to everyone.  Then there's the 6 year old.  He will tell me about every half hour that he is either bored or hungry.  He craves attention of any kind, but he actually wants it from his sister.  Which if she's in a good mood, she will play with him all day, if not, he has to entertain himself.  This is apparently something he seems to be incapable of.  So, he harasses me ALL DAY.

Then of course, there's the toddler and baby, which I do believe the toddler to be Satan's Devil Baby, so that just adds to the heap of annoyingness that is the plight of someone stuck at home with these kids who are out for the summer.  I don't have a problem sending them outside to play when it's not 100 or 90 and humid.  I just don't let just one of them go out by themselves.  Then of course, unless there is a neighbor kid willing to play, nothing is "fun."  They have bikes, scooters, balls, chalk, bubbles... for what?  Apparently to collect dust.

And it is quite difficult for me to take four kids of those ages anywhere by myself.  So of course when the hubby gets home, we can tag team the kids, but until then it is me, myself and I... home alone with four kids and minimal nerves available to be gotten on.  Some lucky parents send their kids to daycare or camps, but when your income relies on times when school is in session, I don't have the luxury of daycares or day camps (not that I would send the youngest two to daycare anyway.)

So, if at some point this summer I just stop blogging altogether and you never hear a peep again... don't assume I'm dead... just call around to the mental hospitals in my area and find out how you can send me flowers.

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