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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Wedding Day Was Ghetto Fantastic

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person.  And I think expensive weddings (or weddings in general) are a big stinkin' waste of money.  A dress you can only wear once?  Flowers that die?  Releasing doves, a 20 person orchestra...?  What is the point?  Isn't the reason people get married because they are in love and want to make that commitment?

Well, that brings me to yesterday.  David has been harassing me to marry him for quite awhile now and although I have a distaste in my mouth when I say the word "marriage" I thought- yeah, why not?  I love him, we have a baby together and I could see myself being fond of him for quite some time.  But neither of us wanted to waste money on a fancy shmancy wedding, let alone expect our parents to pay a dime!  (At least David SAID he didn't want a wedding, but I secretly think he did.)

Come to find out that an awesome, fantastic friend is ordained.  She agreed to marry us, I let David pick the date, we met for lunch yesterday and boom- we were married.  I asked a friend to be a witness and our waitress was the other witness.  We did spend a pretty penny on rings, but David insisted on that and since he is Mr. Moneybags, I could not argue against it.

Per our officiant's suggestion, we stopped at a local Casey's and bought some Miller High Life to toast because apparently it is the "champagne of beers."  I don't drink beer, but I did have some for the toast.

Our moms knew of the date (surprisingly both remembered) and whomever they squealed to knew.  Otherwise I was most stoked about surprising people by putting it on Facebook.  I don't plan to actually tell anyone else, I will let them find out on their own.  Oh, I did tell my kids and my ex-husband who was watching the kids for me.  (The kids have known for awhile.)

And there you have it- I am now the other half... the old ball and chain... an honest woman.  I am sorry to all those who were dying to marry me, but you will have to wait and see if this marriage lasts.  I am kinda hoping it will.  David is a pretty decent fellow and he thinks I'm awesome, which is a pretty good quality in a spouse.

I like to think that my whole wedding was purposefully and wonderfully tacky as opposed to those weddings that are meant to be fancy and are actually trashy because the people are... well, trash.  And I was purposely mocking those people who think that a wedding should cost thousands of dollars out of their parents' pockets... like they don't have better things to do with their money.

I will have a reception sometime in the near future, though, cause everyone knows that is the best part.  But you can be sure it will be wonderfully cheap as well- but maybe not too cheap.

PS An hour after getting married, my car was parked on the street next to my friend's house.  She suggested we park on the less busy side.  Some lady backed into our car and we had to get a police report.  Luckily it's still drivable, but it just added to our exciting day!

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