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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Never Too Early to Plan Ahead for Holidays

I am cheap.  And by that, I mean frugal- at least I'd like to think so.  That's why instead of waiting until the last minute to buy things for holidays, I like to plan ahead throughout the year.  Whether it's buying Christmas lights on clearance, Halloween Costumes in June or stocking up on gifts all year long, it pays to buy things off season.

For instance, I mentioned costumes.  Most years I don't decide whether I'm going to go to a Halloween party until the last minute.  Then I end up going to a local department store and paying like 40 bucks for whatever they have available! 

Of course I'd like to wear an original costume, not something that 50 other people will have on.  Likewise I feel the same about the costumes my kids wear.  For kids Halloween costumes it's even worse!  Sure, there are a lot of options at the local stores, but even if there are 25 choices, there's a gazillion kids out trick-or-treating at the same time and I'd like to see my kids in something unique.  And I'm not crafty enough with a needle and thread to make my own.  So, my suggestion if you find yourself in this situation is to order something a couple months before Halloween (best time when you find yourself with some extra cash available) and then avoid having slim pickings and having to see your kids in something that 20 of their friends are wearing.

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