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Thursday, October 13, 2011


So my daughter's teacher informed me that I needed to purchase a milk card for her for snacks and that if I send $5 it buys the card and gets her 20 milks.

 No problem.

A has a binder that goes home with her every night and there are instructions on how to send money for anything.  There is a small manilla envelope labeled "money" and you are to put the money inside a different envelope, write what it's for and then put that inside the manilla envelope and close the flap so that the teacher knew there was money in it.  I did this exactly.  I even looked over the directions several times to make sure I did it correctly.

Yesterday I get a new note saying that Aurora still needs to buy a milk card.  This confused me so I decided to speak with her teacher today after school.  I informed her that I had sent money and she just kept telling me she didn't get it.  There was no apologeticness to her voice and she kind of blew me off like I was either lying or A took the money.  Well, I know I was not lying and A doesn't even understand the concept of money, nor would she have anywhere to spend it unless I took her somewhere, so she would have no reason to take the money.

So, after feeling a bit shamed by the teacher, I decided that I would not let it go so easily.  I know that is only $5, but it is the principle!  I went to the office to let the secretary know what happened.  She seemed apologetic and said she'd talk to the lunch lady to see if a miscellaneous envelope with money was turned in, but her final answer was the same as the teachers- I needed to send in another $5.

Well, I emailed the principal to lodge my complaint.  I understand it's not much money, but it frustrates me that the first time I send money, it disappears.  I specifically followed the teacher's instructions to the letter.

And before you think I am just being hormonal or I forgot to take my medicine today... neither of those is the issue.  I don't even feel angry, I just think this is some grade A bull hockey.  And I want them to know it too.  Oh, I will take the $5 in tomorrow and hand it directly to the lunch lady, but believe you me, I am NOT happy about it.


  1. You're right. It's the principle. What if it had a been more than 5 dollars? What if it was the payment for fundraiser orders or something. Money doesn't just disappear like that.

  2. You're right! And guess what- the following Monday the money "showed up." Did I get any apologies? NO!

  3. I would have done the same.