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Monday, January 13, 2020

Big Little Lies: The Complete Second Season is available on DVD and Blu ray now!!!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post.  The opinions I share are my own.

I chose to review this set because I had actually already binged the whole season when I subscribed to HBO Go about a month ago.  I was so excited because I loved season one and had seen so many spoilers on social media.  I recall watching an interview with Laura Dern where they pointed out an oft quoted line, "I will not not be!"  The first season I couldn't stand Renata, but by the end of season two she finally made a decision that I agreed with and broke down her calm and cool facade for once.

Along with Renata, all of our main ladies are going through change and growth on the heels of Perry's death.  On the surface, the other citizens of Monterey probably think they these women are still the same people, but so much is going on in their homes and in their minds that will leave you craving the next episode for some type of closure.  Celeste battles with the death of her husband while also dealing with the presence of his mother (Meryl Streep).  She tries to cope with her love/hate relationship with Perry and battle whether she was part of the problem in their relationship and if it was her fault he was the man that he was.

I don't want to give away too much with the other relationship plots because I'd be entering some major spoiler territory.  I think Jane is my favorite character, so I liked watching her progress with a new romance. 

Be prepared for a binge session because it felt impossible to just watch one episode at a time.  I think my husband and I watched it all over two days.  I'm bummed  that there probably won't be a third season, but the acting and writing in the first two seasons was so superb that it is well worth watching them over and over!

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