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Friday, January 2, 2015

Why @PlaySwell is a new, innovative idea and cheers to sleep! #GiveItForward #SwellSanta

When I was approached to contribute to PlaySwell, I had never heard of it, but quickly realized that it was an innovative concept.

The theory behind it is that sometimes in life you come across a product that you want to rave about to the world, but don't have the platform with which to do so.  Sure, you can tweet about it, blog about it, Pin it, etc., but no one pays attention to me, so it's like I'm writing to myself.  But PlaySwell is different.  They have come up with a website where you can go and post about something that you love (that you actually purchased, not that you got compensated to review).  They want a story behind why you love it as well, which makes it more fun.

I chose to write about the Pinzon 1/2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Pad.  I'm sure you're thinking that this is something completely random and obscure, but it just so happened to be something I wanted to rave about.  It was a recent purchase off Amazon that I had found after comparing reviews for several similar items.  I was not disappointed when it came.  To find out my story behind it and why I love it so much, visit my post on PlaySwell.

You can add products of your own and you can add other products to your wishlist.  It's kind of a fun way to give others gift ideas on things to buy your or things to buy for other people.  And since so many people are looking for things to spend their gift cards on, it's also a great way to find products to buy on Amazon that you would have never thought of.

You can check out the SwellSanta campaign they did this holiday season as well.


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