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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Iceman Cometh... with a bucket of water.

I posted this on my Facebook page tonight:

I'm soooooo torn about this Ice Bucket Challenge thing. It's not that I can't or won't do it... I'm as big of a fan of nipping as the next guy, but I feel like it is becoming more of a thing that all the cool kids are doing. Do I think that donating money to charity is a bad thing? Noooooooo. But, I'd rather donate money to the ASPCA or another charity that is closer to my heart. Not that ALS isn't a worthy cause to support. Secondly, I already think that we, as Americans, look likes selfish, arrogant assholes to most of the world (thanks in large part to the Kardashians), but when you have people in foreign countries who have no clean water to drink, it seems a little douchey to waste water and post it for the whole world to see.

Anyway, these are the reasons why I won't do it on a public forum. If you nominated me and feel like coming to my house and dumping ice water on my head, go for it, but no videoing allowed! Plus, you have to bring the water, lol. And I am also not putting down those of my friends (and Dave Grohl) who have done it, I am not God, I am merely one person with a skewed opinion. It's fun, it's kitchy, it's for a good cause. But I will continue to help our four-legged friends in my altruistic endeavors, while waiting for this fifteen minute fad to pass and 99% of people who did it won't mention ALS again in their lifetime. I do hope this money helps find a cure or eases suffering caused by the horrible symptoms.

Okay, ranty soapbox finished. Thank you Trish & Jaida for nominating me today! It's awesome to know that you ladies wanna see me in a wet tee shirt. Feel free to come by my house sometime and throw ice water on me... just remember BYOW... and no flash photography!!

PS Save the manatees already!!

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  1. I am pretty disappointed in most of the people close to me who did the challenge. Sure, they did it almost right, they acknowledged the people it was from, nominated more, paid some money into the charity.... but at the same time I have a major fundraiser going that they have all ignored. I guess mine was not flashy enough and did not get them enough attention... Too bad they did not really care that much and most of these videos barely acknowledge the charity much less provide links and info for others to donate. It is all about "look how cool I am doing what famous people did, maybe my video will go viral". I am peeved.