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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Heaven is for Real DVD

Heaven is for Real released on DVD July 22.
I had seen commercials for this movie and thought it looked okay, so when I was offered the DVD to review gratis, I thought that seemed pretty great... This is probably the most ambivalent I've ever been about a movie.  I wouldn't say it was GOOD, but then I wouldn't say it was BAD either.  I wouldn't recommend it to some people, but I would to others.  I'm Switzerland.

Quick synopsis: struggling minister's son gets really sick, doesn't "die," but still has an out of body experience that leads his family to believe he went to heaven.  The story seems ridiculous to some folks, incredulous to others. 

The whole movies is pretty much clips of what the boy saw or him talking about what he saw.  This is a true story based on the book written by the boy's father, so I'm assuming it's pretty close to accurate according to the family's point-of-view.

I don't think people have to have strong religious conviction to watch the film, but if you don't believe in Heaven, likely you will want nothing to do with the film, because I really don't think that the story will change anyone's minds.  The acting is superb however.

So, take the movie or leave it.  I'm Canada over here.


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