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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Firefly Ready Go Toothbrushes

I am frugal (cheap if you must.)  I don't believe in buying frivolous things that are non-necessities in my life.  That is definitely true with toothbrushes.  I'm one of those moms that goes to Dollar Tree and buys a 4 pack of kids toothbrushes for a dollar.  My daughter is always asking me for an electric toothbrush because some of her friends have them.  I think they are a waste of money, because you still have to brush your teeth, it's not like the brush actually brushes them for you.

My 6 year old is very good about keeping his teeth clean because it makes him proud to get compliments from the dentist about how good of a job he does and he wants to have nice breath when he goes to school.  My daughter (who's 8) couldn't care less about either of those things.  Fortunately, we don't let the kids have soda or many sweets, so that helps keep their teeth in better shape.

Not every parent feels like that.  When holidays like Easter and Halloween come around, I know lots of parents let their kids go crazy on candy.  And if they aren't big on brushing their teeth, that sugar just sits in between their teeth, cakes onto their gums and eventually leads to decay.  I've even had friends that put soda in their kids' bottles and sippy cups!  WHAT???  And I also hear parents talk about the fight every night of getting their kids to brush their teeth.  Luckily I have good kids, so they don't fight with me about things like that.

A with her Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush.
Well, enter Firefly Toothbrush!  They have toothbrushes that will do flashing lights for 60 seconds so you know when you've brushed each row of teeth long enough.  It is recommended to brush the top row and bottom row for 60 seconds each.  For my two older kids, I was given two Ready Go toothbrushes gratis.  A got a Barbie one and L got a Spiderman one, which was perfect for them.  The Firefly Ready Go toothbrushes have green, yellow and red lights on them to tell you when to start and stop brushing.  Push the button and the green lights up.  Towards the end of the 60 seconds the yellow will start to blink to let you know you're almost done.  Then, the red light flashes, letting you know you are done.  Start again for the other row.  My kids loved this idea and despite it being longer than what they are used to (I didn't know that was the recommended amount of time either), it's fun for them.  It's a standard toothbrush, but with a fun twist. 

L with his Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush
So if your kids are lazy brushers, refuse to brush, or think Firefly Toothbrush and try it out!  You can get them at lots of places, like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Toys R Us.... and even online through Amazon or drugstore.com.  I know I'll be buying these for years to come as the two younger ones get older as well.  Oh, and once the batteries die, you know it's time to change toothbrushes as well.
they need something fancy, but you want to make sure it's effective... don't hesitate to buy a Firefly Toothbrush!


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