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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: Baby's First Book Blocks by Dan Stiles

I'm always on the lookout for new baby and toddler toys as it's always the same ole, same ole standards that every kid has or has had.  And I'm a big fan of having smart kids, so love to have their brains stimulated as well as play.  When AL was a toddler, she loved stacking things, lining them up and reading books.  L wasn't as interested in those things and then H came along and showed interest in the same activities his older sister did.  He loves stacking things, lining things up and sitting with a pile of board books.

So, when Pow! offered me a set of these gratis, I was totally on board!  This combined two of the three things that H loved to use his genius-in-training 2 year old brain to do-- look at board books and stack things.  These mini books are cube shaped, which makes them stackable.  And since each book has a different design on the covers, they can be stacked and lined up in many different orders.  Plus, the inside pages of the books have fun shapes, lines, colors and designs- different in each book!

As soon as I opened the package, H got excited.  He jumped on the couch,
handed him the four books and he immediately set in at exploring them.  He opened the pages to find out what they were all about and I thought I'd have to show him how to stack them, but he figured that out right away.  They kept him occupied for quite awhile, which if you're a mom of a toddler, you know is a glorious thing!

Since receiving these Baby's First Book Blocks, we keep them on top of the book stand where they are easy to find.  H goes to them every day and plays for a bit.  I think they are a great idea for parents of babies and toddlers (I believe they are geared for 0-3) as the patterns and colors are great for babies just beginning to see color and add wrinkles to their brains and develop their sight.  I've tried them with AA, and although he likes to feel them, he is teething, so they end up in his mouth every time.  I think once the teething phase starts to end, he'll enjoy them more.

Plus, they'd make awesome baby shower gifts!  I can pretty much guarantee unless all the guests read my blog, you'll be the only one with these, instead of some random outfit or pointless toy.  Just saying, if I like it (which, really I do!) then it's a pretty good product.


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