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Friday, May 2, 2014

Toy Review: NogginStik™ Developmental Rattle

SmartNoggin created the NogginStik™ Developmental Rattle and they really knew what they were doing!  As soon as I opened the package and gently shook the rattle, the head lit up.  All it takes is a gentle shake or bop and the head/face on the rattle changes colors in a glowing light.  It is also a basic rattle in that it has the slender handle and makes a rattling noise, but then as aforementioned, with the light up head/face and a base that will let it stand up, it is way better than an ordinary rattle!  There is also a mirror at the bottom of the base, but I don't think my 4 month old has shown interest in that part yet.

He loves it when we stand it up and he tries to scoot forward towards it.  I swear he has figured out what it takes to make the colors change as well.  But he also likes to hold it when he lies on his back and when he sits in his highchair and plays with toys.  It is not only one of his favorites, but one of mine as well.  I can't express enough how neat of a toy it is!  It is twenty bucks, which might have you thinking it's a steep price, but if you consider how long they will play with it and how developmentally worthwhile it is, it is totally worth it!  I was even thinking of gifting some out.  I also plan to hang on to the one I have after Baby A outgrows it to give to a new parent friend.  Definitely a keeper!!!  (Video below is my son.)

 Here's a little ditty from the company: "Your baby's learning journey begins at birth. Simple interactions early on can help your child succeed later in life. The best part? It takes only a simple toy and a handy guide to help you start laying that foundation from day one. NogginStik™ isn't just a cute toy. It's an educational tool that will guide you through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both you and your child."


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